Creative Family Portraits You Can Shoot

Nearly all of us have family photographs from the time we are born until we begin our own family. For some of us, these photographs are mementoes that we treasure our entire lives and which get passed down through the generations.

With family portraits surviving over one-hundred years, you will likely want your own family portrait to also be enjoyed by those not yet born. With the right setting, outfits and photographer, family photos become keepsakes that you will cherish forever, capturing the love within your family, whilst also being unique to you.


Here we have listed some photography tips for fun and creative family portrait photography so that you can find the best style that suits your family:
  • girl-51Take a picture of you all relaxing on the floor of the family room.
  • For a fun family photo idea photo your children lying down head to head on a festive blanket or quilt.
  • Highlight family play time with your little ones in the foreground as you retreat into the back.
  • A cuddle party on the couch makes for a fun family photo.
  • Take a walk to your local woods in the autumn and have a family photo jumping in the fallen leaves.
  • Capturing a loving moment when holding your children makes for a wonderfully sweet family picture idea.
  • A group hug is another idea for family photo sand include your four-legged friends too.
  • Let Mum and Dad enjoy a kiss while the kids strike a fun pose below, or peaking out from behind a door or the sofa.
  • Photograph your kids in the middle of a funny joke.
  • Let your little kids move around and you may get some sweet poses.
  • Have fun reading a book for a perfect photo opportunity.
  • A mother’s happiness will shine through when surrounded by her children.
  • Not all family photos need to be traditional. Jump, dance, go wild!
  • Encourage your kids to try some fun poses
  • Take your photos shortly before sunset for a breathtaking backdrop.
  • Play a simple game to distract camera shy kids.
  • Create a simple and fun prop like a blanket tent over kitchen chairs in your family photo.
  • If you’re in a photographer’s studio, relax and be yourself.
  • Matching outfits, such as jeans and a white T shirt will look good.
  • Repeat a family outing that you know everyone enjoys for some relaxed photographs.
  • A fun-loving paint fight makes a fun family photo and creates your own unique family artwork as well.
  • Have everyone hold up letters to spell your last name.