Best Holiday Gifts For Grandparents

Ugne Henriko believes that the bond between women and their grandmothers is very different from the one between mothers and daughters. She describes it as, “two women from different generations sharing something spiritual.” Grandmothers will pass on values from one generation to the next, these being principles to live by and wisdom from experience. Heirloom gifts symbolism this eternal connection too.

Photographer Ugne Henriko‘s series entitled ‘The Gift’ in collaboration with jeweller Giedre Duoble shows the beauty of the intergenerational relationship. They photographed several Lithuanian grandmother-granddaughter couples, aged from 23 to 65, with the gifts passed down. These include a treasured handbag, some vintage jewellery, a beloved sewing machine. These may appear to be small things, but the photo series captures how important these presents really are, both to the grandmother and the grandchild.

Here we list some of the best holiday gift ideas that you can give back to your grandparents to create even more memories to treasure:

The Ultimate Photo Book

A photo album is a wonderful gift. Adding your own words to the photos you choose to include makes an album extra special. You can also download free easy-to-use software to create a professional-looking, bound photo book that you can order in multiple copies for no extra work.

Cover Art

Use your child’s artwork to personalise a journal or notebook for your grandparents. A small spiral notebook so that Grandma can make a grocery list or write phone messages will raise a smile every time it is used. There are companies online where you upload the artwork and the books are mailed out.


Before photography, silhouettes were extremely popular. A customised silhouette ornament for the holidays can show the profile of each of the grandchildren. As the years go by you can have fun trying to remember whose silhouette is whose.

Easy uploads

How many times does our camera become full of photos that we haven’t sorted and stored. A memory card with built-in Wi-Fi will beam images to the computer automatically without the need to find the cord to connect the camera and download manually.

Photo printer

There are compact little printers that do not need a computer to print out photos. Just plug in the USB cord or insert the memory card directly into the printer and wait for the memories to come to life for sharing or framing.